How to Make Earl Grey Gin

You may have read our post about “How to Make Rooibos Gin” and now are thinking about making other flavors of gin using tea.   What about making a gin using the world most popular flavored tea?  Courtesy of The Dusty Rebel here are steps to make earl grey gin.

First, the quality of your earl grey tea will affect the quality of your gin.  Make sure to use a quality earl grey tea, such as Darvilles Earl Grey Tea or Taylors Earl Grey Tea.  Both of these brands are made in England and are excellent earl grey teas.

Making Earl Grey Gin
750 ml Gin (Bombay Dry or Tanqueray)
4 Earl Grey Tea Bags (good quality)

Place tea bag and gin in a glass container. Let sit at room temperature for 2 hours. Pour infusion into a clean bottle.

Enjoy and use to make your favorite cocktail.

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