Kusmi Tea Really Can Help You Be Cool

Would you like your tea to help you Be Cool?  Then, Kusmi Tea can help.

Kusmi Be Cool Tea is a caffeine free herbal tea.  It is a blend of lemon verbena, licorice root, and peppermint.   The fresh mint flavor is ideal blended with the subtle licorice root flavor. Enjoy at night, maybe just before bed.

Details on Kusmi Be Cool Tea:
Appearance of the Tea Leaves: Furled whole leaf
Taste: Sweet licorice root and peppermint
Caffeine Content:  None
Best Time to Consume: Evening
Ideal Temperature of the Water: Boiling
Recommended Brewing Time: 3 to 4 minutes
Recommended Quantity to use When Brewing: .1 ounce (3 grams) per cup
Amount of Time Tea Will Last in Your Home: 3 years (best stored in a cool, dark, dry place away from strong odors)
Best Prepared: Plain or sweetened

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