Reach Euphoria with Kusmi Tea

Need a little Euphoria in your life?  Then Kusmi Tea is the answer.

Kusmi Euphoria Tea is a blend of roasted maté, chocolate, and orange. It is a new wellness tea from Kusmi.  A plant, mate or yerba mate, is a stimulant, and has long been consumed by native South Americans.

Chocolate, chocolate, chocolate; everyone enjoys chocolate.  It also has recently proved to have health benefits, including making you feel better by increasing endorphins in your body.    Orange adds a nice flavor to the mate and chocolate.

Specific Details of Kusmi Euphoria Tea:
Appearance of the Tea Leaves: Furled whole leaf
Taste: Chocolate and orange
Caffeine Content:  High
Best Time to Consume: Afternoon
Ideal Temperature of the Water: Below boiling
Recommended Brewing Time: 3 to 4 minutes
Recommended Quantity to use When Brewing: .1 ounce (3 grams) per cup
Amount of Time Tea Will Last in Your Home: 3 years (best stored in a cool, dark, dry place away from strong odors)
Best Prepared: Plain or sweetened

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