Is Climate Change Threating Rooibos Tea?

Mostly because of its health benefits, rooibos tea is now enjoyed by more tea drinkers than ever before. Rooibos (an Afrikaans word for red bush) tea has exploded in popularity. Since 1999, rooibos exports from South Africa have increased 4 times.

Rooibos only grows in the Cedarburg Mountains of South Africa. Actually, it only grows in a very small area. Now, climate change is threatening tea. According to local farmers, temperatures are getting hotter and it becomes more difficult for rooibos to grow.

Farmers have had to change how rooibos is grown. The planting season has moved from June to November. Also, growers have changed from seedlings to now putting rooibos seeds directly in the ground. This takes longer for the seeds to grow but they become more resilient.

Image courtesy of Winfried Bruenken.


  1. can I grow rooibos tea from seed in my garden in pretoria and where do you buy the seed?

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