Molecular Gastronomy Chef Launches Earl Grey Hot Cross Buns

Heston Blumenthal, chef and founder of one of UK’s most popular restaurants and known for molecular gastronomy has created items which are expect to become very popular.  Molecular gastronomy merges food and science in cooking.

He has created hot cross buns for Easter with the flavor of Earl Grey and mandarin. These were specially made for the UK Supermarket chain Waitrose.  In the Easter Buns, raisins and sultanas are soaked in Earl Grey Tea. Also, orange zest, mandarin and bergamot (the main ingredient in earl grey tea) are added to improve the taste.

Blumenthal owns The Fat Duck, which is one of four UK restaurants to earn 3 Michelin stars. Prior to this, he made Christmas puddings for Waitrose, which proved so popular that some wound up on ebay for up to £200 (approximately $320).   The new buns are available now today and cost £1.59 (approx $2.50).  See a picture of the buns at the UK Telegraph Newspaper.

Heston Blumenthal at Taste London Fetstival, June 2010 Courtesy of Brian Minkoff- London Pixels

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