Learn How Intaba Rooibos Tea is Produced

Intaba Rooibos is authentic and made in South Africa.  Tea drinkers may know thier tea is made but few know how many rooibos is made.  Here is a brief summary of how Intaba makes rooibos.

In a previous era, hand tools were used to dig up the rooibos plant,which was then chopped up after harvesting.  Hammers were used to bruise the stems and leaves.  Next, it was allowed to ferment. After drying in the sun, the leaves were simmered all day of wood stoves.   Even now, rooibos is made with the same steps. Technology has allowed the process to be refined.  To ensure quality, Intaba follows a strict production process, which includes steam pasteurization, that meets worldwide food safety and quality standards.

Finally, Intaba Tea Bags come in a sealed foil bag, which guarantees a fresh and pure taste.

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