Try an Exceptional Minty Berry Tea

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Dilmah Berry Sensation Tea makes a great cup of hot tea as well as a sophisticated iced tea like Exceptional Minty Berry Tea.

With Dilmah Berry Sensation Tea, you get a cup of berries in your tea.  It starts with a high-grown tea merged with Strawberry, Raspberry and Blueberry.  Both the tea and berries come together in a light tea that is beautifully fragrant tea.

The Exceptional Minty Berry Tea takes just a few steps and really tastes great. Recipe courtesy of Dilmah.

Exceptional Minty Berry Tea

Utensils: Cocktail shaker and kettle for boiling water


50ml Dilmah Exceptional Berry Sensation tea  (about 1.5 ounces)

100ml Dilmah Exceptional Minty Green Tea (almost 3.5 ounces)

20ml Sugar Syrup (just over  1/2 ounce)

Dash of lime

Type of Glass: Champagne Flute

Garnishing:  Slice of lime


Brew 2g (1 tea bag) of Dilmah Exceptional berry sensation for 4 minutes.  Brew 2g (1 tea bag)  of Dilmah Exceptional Arabian mint with honey for 3 minutes.  Pour all ingredients and 2/3 cubes of ice into the cocktail shaker.  Vigorously shake its contents for 6-8 seconds.  Pour all the ingredients into the champagne flute.


  1. could you tell me with certainty if the tea contains sulphur dioxide(220)as preservative?

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