Suggestions for an Easter Tea

Here is a suggestion for an Easter Tea from a book published in 1908.     We found it  interesting.  This is exactly as it appeared in the book.


Made the rooms bright and spring-like with ferns, palms and other potted greens, with here and there large bunches of daffodils in green stone jars.

Cover the table with a daintily embroidered tea cloth. In the center stand a jar of daffodils and at the corners stand smaller jars of the same. Over the centerpiece suspend an upturned white paper parasol filled with asparagus fern and smilax. At one end of the table arrange the tea service, at the other the punch bowl and glasses. Serve rolled sandwiches tied with yellow ribbon; salad served in yellow paper cases; ice cream molded to simulate daffodils, and small cakes with yellow icing.

For a children’s Easter party decorate the table as follows: Cover it with a white cloth. In the center, over a foundation of sheet tin, place a circular mat of closely cut sod, or, lacking this, of artificial grass, which may be bought of a florist. Surround the mat with a fence of peppermint candy built rail fashion. In the middle of the plot stand a little wooden cage, such as are kept at bird stores for sending out small birds to customers. Here and there, in groups and singly, stand fluffy little chicks.

At each child’s place stand a little toy rabbit harnessed to candy wagon filled with candy eggs. Tie a little card, on which is written the child’s name, to rabbit’s neck.

Serve ice cream molded to simulate eggs, cookies stamped out with a rabbit cutter, fruit and candy.





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