Assam Tea Growers Say Climate Change Causing Tea to Taste Different

If you drink Assam Tea or a hearty English Tea, this will be interesting to you.  Tea growers in India say climate change is altering the taste of Assam Tea.

The Assam state of India, located in the notheastern section of the country, produces almost 60% of the nation’s tea. Worldwide, India grows over 30% of the tea supply. Assam is an important key in many British tea blends and is often part of Breakfast Teas. Assam Teas are noted for fullness, strength and body.

Plus, the region’s temperatures have risen combined with a change in rain level have caused tea production to decrease. In 2007, 564,00 tons were produced. In 2009, production fell to 487,000 and in 2010 it is projected to be 460,000. Tea growers blame climate change for the declining production.

You can read more details at Business Week.

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