New Varieties from Dilmah Tea

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Now you can try several new varieties from Dilmah Tea.

Dilmah Caramel Tea has the aroma of caramel and English toffee. The tea combines the thick, malt flavor of caramel with traditional English Toffee. It has a strong toffee note with a gently sweet finish. It comes in a box of 25 individually wrapped tea bags.

Dilmah Camomile Tea is a light-bodied and silky infusion of pale straw yellow color with lemon color accents.  Tropical fruit is a major aroma with ripe pineapple dominating. The aftertaste is slightly sweet and reminiscent of green apples and red apple skin with a hint of berry.  It comes in a box of 25 individually wrapped tea bags.

Dilmah Lemon Tea, also in a box of 25 individually wrapped tea bags, is aromatic and refreshing. It is a tea from the Udapusselawa region of Sri Lanka and has a medium body. Delicately scented with lemon flavor, this tea produces a delightfully lively finish.

Dilmah Mango Tea has the soft, sweet, fleshy texture of ripe mango in a teacup. It is a fruity brew with a sweet finish and balanced and juicy character. Also in a box of 25 individually wrapped tea bags.

Known for its gentle taste, Dilmah Peach is second only to Lemon in its popularity as an iced tea. This elegant fruit flavor is delightful taken cold, but also wonderfully relaxing hot.

A tea unlike any other, Dilmah Rose with Vanilla is a must-try. Orange-brown with yellow reflections, this is a medium bodied tea. The aromas are mirrored in the taste of honey, rose, vanilla beans, toffee, caramel, cotton candy and malt. The astringent and chewy tannins make for a tea that has bearing. It comes in a 20 tea bag caddy or 4.4 ounces of loose tea.

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