Where Typhoo Tea is Produced

Typhoo is a classic tea from England. If you are a Typhoo fan, here is are two pictures of the plant where the tea is produced.  It is produced outside Liverpool.

Typhoo Factory


You can get info on the plant at the Typhoo corporate web site.


  1. Their tea quality is poor/old cheap sweepings. If you want to try a really good tea try Barry’s teas or even better Ringtons. They sell online as well at http://www.ringtons.co.uk and get some of Kenya Gold it’s fantastic. As you open the foil pack put your nose in and smell a tea factory freshness,(something you will not get from Typhoo tea)!

  2. Author

    Barry’s is a really good cup of tea. We never tried Ringtons. We will try to have some. Typhoo is still popular and a good English Tea. Thanks for the comment.

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