Edinburgh Tea of Scotland Now Available

Scottish Teas are among our favorites.   The usually black teas taste great and are high quality.  We are constantly in search of great new Scottish Teas.  Well, we have found some great new items from Edinburgh Tea, located in the heart of Scotland’s capital city.  Edinburgh Teas offers 4 main teas: Highland Blend, Heather Tea, Thistle Tea and Whisky Tea.

Highland Blend Tea is perhaps the most popular flavor.  Perfect in the afternoon, Highland Blend Tea is light and delicate.  Most of the tea from the Highland Blend comes from East of the Rift Valley in Kenya. The teas from this part of Kenya are grown and processed by small growers chosen because they produce tea with a bright, golden color and fantastic flavor.

Highland Blend Tea

Made with one of Scotland’s most popular symbols, Heather Tea is another popular variety.   The company also offers Thistle Tea and Whiskey Tea.

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