Typhoo Tea – How to Make the Perfect Cup

Learn the steps to make the perfect cup of Typhoo Tea.


  1. Really have you actually tasted Typhoo tea in the last couple of years! It is rubbish. Please do yourself a favour and try drinking it at the same time with say Barry’s, Punjana or PG Tips, use semi-skimmed milk and if you cannot see the poor grey liquor, taste it then. For your education breath into the box and smell what you think is paint but is actually old Argentine,Iranian,Vietnamese Mocambique poor quality tea. Really promoting Typhoo tea is wrong and you are not going to increase tea consumption that way.

  2. Author

    Thanks for your feedback about Typhoo. Typhoo is an iconic brands and still remains a popular English Tea. For those who like it and drink it, we want to make sure they get the most out of it. So, we wanted to provide some instructions on making the perfect cup. Thanks again. We appreciate hearing your opinion.

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