Typhoo is Not Planning to Make All Teas Fair Trade

Despite what you read on this blog and other places, Typhoo Tea is not planning to make all their teas Fair Trade.

Recently, we were contacted by Typhoo’s PR Agency, Cirkle Communications, based in the UK, who gave us the following information.

Typhoo are fully aware of the good work which Fairtrade to, and support them throughout a number of tea products which they sell, however the Typhoo brand itself will not be going fairtrade.

Typhoo tea are committed to ensuring that they trade fairly with all the tea estates that they buy tea from. They are uniquely placed in the Tea industry and demonstrate their commitment through trading fairly with tea estates in two ways; firstly to support the Fairtrade foundation by using Fairtrade tea with their Ridgways brand; secondly to use their Typhoo certification scheme to monitor the tea gardens they buy from are continuously improving fair labour standards (measured against the ETI base code), health & safety, quality and food safety, and sustainable environmental practices.

An example of how their certification scheme works is in the Makandi estate, Malawi where they have worked closely with the estate to deliver significant benefits including the introduction of terms and conditions for workers, greater wage transparency, improvements to housing, sanitation and access to water, as well as a focus on the elimination of discrimination against women and illegal disciplinary practices.

Over the next 12 months they intend to double the number of Fairtrade products that they sell, clearly demonstrating their commitment to the Fairtrade organisation for the long term. However they believe that their core Typhoo customers should be allowed the opportunity to freely choose between Fairtrade accredited products and standard products.

A box of Typhoo Tea.

A box of Typhoo Tea.


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