What Do People Talk About Over a Cup of Tea?

Ever wondered what people talk about over a cup of tea?  Lyons Tea interviewed people in Ireland to find out. (Remember Irish people in the story below means citizens of Ireland.)

* 1 in 10 Irish people said they would like to meet Barack Obama for a cup of tea if they could meet anyone in the world, but 10% would simply choose to meet a member of their own family

* 86% of Irish people drink tea and tea permeates every facet of Irish life.

* 97% of tea drinkers normally enjoy a cuppa at home, over half of full time workers drink tea in the office and 16% normally drink tea in cafes and restaurants

* 65% of tea drinkers say they normally drink tea with family and 46% say they drink tea with friends

* 1 in 5 Irish people will talk about anything and everything over a cuppa

* Top 3 conversation topics over a cup of tea are family (20%), gossip (19%) and work (18%)

* Cork people are perceived as the biggest talkers in the Republic of Ireland (36%), followed by Dublin (25%), Kerry (10%), Donegal (4%) and Galway (2%)

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