Sneak Peek: Barry’s Pu-erh Tea

We wanted to give you a preview of some of the new products from Barry’s Tea. The company has released a Pu-erh tea in Ireland. This tea is not yet available in the United States.  Barry’s Pu-erh comes in a box of 20 tea bags.

Made with the finest ingredients, Barry’s Pu-erh Tea has a very pronounced earthy aroma and taste.  Pu-erh is noted to be rich in antioxidants and the demand has been growing worldwide. It has many health benefits, including claims of aiding digestion and reducing cholesterol. Barry’s Tea has made the Pu-erh Tea to appeal specifically to Irish pallets.

“.. Pu-erh answers a growing demand for great tasting, interesting teas with health benefits. Irish people are increasingly experimental when it comes to tea tastes, and these new blends offer additional tea treats for those pallets,” said Camille O’Flanagan of Barry’s Tea.

Barry's new Pu-erh Tea.

Barry’s new Pu-erh Tea.

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