Tea Smoothie Recipe from Lyons Tea

Lyons Tea has offered this great recipe for making Tea Smoothies.   The original recipe called for green tea (Lyons Green Tea is not yet available in the United States).  So, we changed it to black tea and the smoothies tasted great.  Make sure to use Lyons Tea with this recipe (we are not sure it will work with any other tea).

Tea Smoothies (recipe courtesy of Lyons Tea).

• 125ml Boiling Water (about 1/2 cup)

• 2 Lyons Tea Bags (any variety)

• 2 Tbsp Sugar

• 50g Vanilla Ice Cream (between 1.5 to 2 ounces)

• 6-8 Ice Cubes

Pour boiling water over Lyons Tea Bags; cover and brew 5 minutes. Remove tea bags and squeeze, then stir in sugar; chill. In a blender, process tea with ice cream. Add ice cubes and process until blended.

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