Stop Drinking That Bad Rooibos – Step Up to Real Taste

How come you are still drinking that bad rooibos?  Are you doing it because you are trying to get the health benefits?  Then, you need to try a real rooibos.  Grown and produced in South Africa, where rooibos is from, Intaba Rooibos is the genuine article.  Rooibos is an herb unique to South Africa’s Cedarburg Mountains.

Pure and organic, Intaba Rooibos is made the way its been done in Africa for generations.   Rooibos brews red in color and has a unique sweet nuttty flavor. Rooibos is caffeine free, very low in tannin and known for calming nausea. Rooibos is used by some cancer hospitals to reduce nausea.  It also has many health benefits and may protect against cancer, skin cancer, heart attack or stroke.

Step up to real rooibos; direct from South Africa.

Step up to real rooibos; direct from South Africa.

Today, authenticity and taste are important in foods.  Make sure you are getting this in your rooibos.

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