Barry’s Gold vs Barry’s Classic: Whats the difference?

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Barry’s Tea makes 2 different kinds of high-quality Irish tea.  Barry’s Gold Tea and Barry’s Classic Tea are great tasting but are slightly different.  Authentic Barry’s Teas are still made in Cork, Ireland.

Barry’s Gold is the company’s flashship item and the most popular tea.  It has a smooth and mild taste that brews amber in color.   Tea leaves from Kenya and the Assam Valley of India are blended to produce the tea’s unique flavor.

Barrys Gold Tea

Barry’s Gold Tea

Barry’s Classic Tea is a premium tea. It is a little more expensive than Barry’s Gold but is the leading tea among Ireland’s premium teas. It is darker, richer and full of more flavor than Barry’s Gold.  If you like rich teas, try Barry’s Classic.

Barrys Classic Tea Bags

Barry’s Classic Tea Bags

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