Yorkshire Gold and Yorkshire Tea: Do You Know the Difference

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Yorkshire Gold Tea and Yorkshire Red are among the most popular English Teas in the US. Do you know the difference? Both come in tea bags and loose tea.

Taylors Yorkshire Gold Tea Bags

Taylors Yorkshire Gold Tea Bags

Yorkshire Gold has won an award as the best cup of tea in England. It is a premium version of Yorkshire Red (also known as Yorkshire Tea or Yorkshire Original). Both are a blend of tea leaves from the best tea gardens in Africa and India.

Taylors Yorkshire Red or Original Tea

Taylors Yorkshire Red or Original Tea

Finally, make sure you are getting the genuine article. Make sure your tea is Taylors Yorkshire Tea, the original and only.

The only way to determine which you like best is to try both.


  1. All I know is that there is a slew of write-ups on Yorkshire Tea and the various types, e.g. black, red, gold etc. I spent a whole morning online checking for the best and where to order from.
    I was introduced to Yorkshire black tea when I spotted a lone package of it on the grocery shelf one day and decided to try it. I loved it of course from the minute I tasted it, and offered a cup to various members of my family when they came over. Unfortunately it didn’t take long for my supply was used up and so I immediately went back to the grocery store to buy more. Unfortunately there was no sign of any more of it and so I went on a search to find a source.
    I wound up on a couple of websites and they appear to have scores of tea brands including Yorkshire tea. That’s when I found myself totally confused with all the various types, e.g. Red, Gold, etc. when all I wanted was the Yorkshire ‘Black’ tea bags.
    I finally spent a whole morning reading info about the various types and ultimately took a chance placing an order, so I’m hoping my efforts paid off because I and my hubby are sold on the Yorkshire black tea and want no other kind!
    Can’t wait until the order arrives and hoping I’m not disappointed.

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