Scottish Blend Tea: A Very Brief History

Created in 1990, Scottish Blend is Scotland’s 2nd favorite brand of tea. Brooke Bond launched the first specially blended tea for Scotland. Supported by television advertising, its popularity grew steadily. By 1998 Scottish Blend had become Scotland’s number 2 brand of tea. Its success was bolstered by the ‘Fiona’s Café’ TV ad campaign which started in 1996.

In 1999 a tea revolution hit Scotland and Scottish Blend launched Pyramid bags – a design that gives the tea leaves more room to infuse so it can deliver a more fulsome flavour. In 2003, new ‘Freeflow’ fabric, which has a unique ‘webbed’ non-perforated design for the ultimate cup of tea, was introduced.

Today, Scottish Blend tea is produced by Unilever UK (which also make PG Tips Tea).

Scottish Blend Tea

Scottish Blend Tea

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