Get Your Lyons Tea Ringtone

If you are a real Lyons Tea fan, now you can show it. Get a free Lyons Tea ringtone for your mobile phone.   We created this ringtone and it is based on a classic Lyons commercial.

Here  is a sample of what the ringtone sounds like: Sample of Lyons Tea Ringtone.   The sample is an MP3 file and lasts about 25 seconds.

Here is the ringtone: Lyons Tea Ringtone It lasts 25 seconds.  The ringtone is a qcp file which is the format for ringtones but probably will not play on your computer.

To upload it to your phone, visit this web site: Mobile Phone Uploader.  We used this site to upload the Lyons Ringtone to our phone and it works really well.  But it is an independent site and not affiliated withe

Let us know what you think.


  1. Comes through as pages of computer code, – probably for PC users only,
    I’m a proud mac user.

  2. Author


    Sorry about the problem with the Mac. We created this because we thought it would be fun.

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