Fan of Mint Tea? Try Dilmah Minty Ceylon Pekoe

If you enjoy mint tea, but have not tried Dilmah Mint Tea, you are really missing out. Tea from Dilmah’s Nawalapitiya tea garden is combined with peppermint leaves. The blending of high-quality Pekoe with natural peppermint results in an all-natural inspiring cup of tea. We like it just after dinner.

Dilmah Naturally Minty Ceylon Tea

Dilmah Naturally Minty Ceylon Tea


  1. I live in Ottawa, Ontario, Canada.
    I used to buy PG tips orange pekoe tea at a chain store called Giant Tiger.
    They have stopped carrying that brand (my favorite)
    Would you please advise me where I can purchase it
    Thanking you

  2. Author


    We are not sure where to get it locally, but you can get the full selection of PG Tips teas at

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