Lyons Master Tea Taster Tells How to Make the Perfect Cup

Lyons Master Tea Taster Nick Bunston offers these tips on making the perfect cup of tea. When trying these tips, it is best to use Lyons Gold Tea.

  1. Run your fresh water tap for about 15 seconds before you fill a kettle.
  2. Ensure the kettle is empty
  3. Fill kettle with freshly drawn tap water which will be full of oxygen to help the flavor develop.
  4. If using a teapot then heat it before using.
  5. Bring the kettle to the boil and pour straight onto the tea bags in pot or mugs.
  6. Leave for 1 to 2 minutes to brew then stir. If you like very strong tea then up to 5 minutes is about the max.
  7. If serving from a teapot, add the milk first as the flavor will be preferable. If brewing in a mug, the milk has to be added last and stir to help the taste.
  8. Do not drink the tea too hot as this will impair your taste buds – you may even scald your tongue
  9. Use fresh milk – long life or UHT milk will ruin the taste.

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  1. Each manufacturer of tea has their own version of a perfect cup of tea. In the end I think it boils down to what you like.

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