Barry’s Classic Truly is a Special Irish Tea

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With strong and rich flavors, Irish teas are extremely popular across the world but one Irish Tea stands out from the crowd. Barry’s Classic Tea truly is for the connoisseur.

Barry’s Tea of Cork, Ireland has a variety of products. Barry’s Classic is the company’s premium product. Barry’s Classic is a strong and rich Irish tea with a malty flavor. Traditionally, Irish teas are stronger than English types. Barry’s Classic may be the richest Irish tea you will every try. Another tea, Barry’s Gold is the company’s most popular product but more mellow in flavor.

Barry’s Classic comes in an appropriately colored rich brown box. Barry’s uses the traditionally square tea bags that come in pairs. The tea is available in an 80 bag box or 8.8 ounces loose. To preserve flavor, make sure to store tea away from strong odors, such as coffee or chocolate, since it will absorb odors. Also, never store your tea in the refrigerator or freezer.

Barry’s Classic blends tea from 10 of the finest tea gardens in the world. About 80% of the tea is from Africa since it works particularly well with Irish water. Tea leaves from Kenya and Rwanda provide the drinks special color. Assam tea leaves provide strength and flavor.

Each type of Barry’s tea is a different blend of leaves. Blending various types and amounts of tea leaves create different tastes. Irish brands blend tea in various combination to produce different tastes. Barry’s has approximately 39% of the tea market in Ireland and is second to leader Lyons.

Regarded as Ireland’s leading tea company, Barry’s started in 1901. James Barry sold tea from a small shop in Cork, Ireland. Until the 1960’s, it was still sold from this small shop. Since its inception, Barry’s Tea was known for high quality.

All Barry’s products are still blended and produced in Ireland and exported across the world. Today, Barry’s Tea are available worldwide.

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