Top 3 Earl Grey Teas for New Earl Grey Tea Drinkers

Earl Grey Tea is the world’s second most popular variety, behind English Breakfast. Still, many tea drinkers are not fond of it. If this describes you, it may be because you never had good Earl Grey. Here are 3 varieties to try.  They are excellent, smooth, high-quality and inexpensive, ranging from $3.99 to $8.99.

Dilmah Earl Grey is from Sri Lanka. It may be the best Earl Grey you never had.

Barry’s Earl Grey is from Ireland. Good Earl Grey starts with good black tea and Barry’s black teas are among the best.

Williamson Earl Grey is from England. This is a strong Earl Grey. It is an award winning tea, having won a 3 star award from the International Taste and Quality Institute, which is made up of top professional chefs and sommeliers from all over Europe.

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