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Madura Tea

Many tea drinkers know about English, Irish, Scottish or Chinese tea. But, most are unfamiliar with Australian tea. The Madura Tea Company grows tea in Australia. Today, Madura produces Australia’s best selling green tea. Madura has a range of Green teas, such Green and Papaya Leaf; Green and Jasmine; Green and Mint; as well as Green and Lemon.

One of Madura’s most unique green teas include papaya leaf. Madura Green Tea with Papaya Leaf is a selection of 90% fine Asian green teas and Madura’s own Australian estate teas complemented with 10% dried Papaya leaf. Slightly sweeter than green tea, this tea can be consumed hot or cold throughout the day, any time of the year.

Madura’s vision is to produce high-quality tea while, at the same time, operating in harmony with the environment. At the Madura tea estate, a strong effort is placed on making the local environment a secure wildlife habitat. Rare and endangered Australia greenery has been planted, which ahas drawn native Australian animals, such as platypus, tortoises, water fowl, a vast variety of birds, wallabies and koalas. Additionally, all external packaging from Madura teas contain recycled materials.

Founded in 1978 by Michael Grant-Cook and his wife Norma, Madura grows tea in Australia’s Tweed Valley, in northern New South Wales.

Madura is the name of the Australian tea estate. Madura was the name of a 17th century temple in India. Today, the name Madura means heaven and paradise.

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