Oscar-Winning Actress Only Drinks Williamson Tea

Can you guess the identity of the Oscar-winning actress that only drinks Williamson Tea?

This actress told the UK Guardian Newspaper, “I always start my day in the same way. I am devoted to tea; it’s something I’ve always loved ever since I was really quite little.” She added, “I am absolutely fascistic about how my tea is made. I only use Williamson Tea, which has been running since 1869.”

This actress starred in the Harry Potter movies as well as Nanny McPhee.

Emma Thompson is the Oscar-winning actress and big fan of Williamson Tea.

Recently, Williamson Tea won 6 Gold Medals at the 2008 Great Taste Awards from the Guild of Fine Foods.



  1. My father worked for Williamson and Magor from 1947/8 till 1963 in the Calcutta office
    My mum’s and my favourite was Darjeeling.

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