Featured Fair Trade Tea: Bewley’s

Consider buying a Fair Trade tea. It is a small and easy way to make a big difference. With Fair Trade tea, local tea growers are paid a premium for their crop. The premium price helps growers make their lives and the lives of their workers better. Bewley’s Tea offers a Fair Trade variety.

Bewley’s Special Reserve Fairtrade Tea is grown east of the Rift Valley high on the slopes of Mount Kenya in Africa. Expertly blended, this richly colored and truly exclusive tea is brimming with distinctive aromas and wonderful flavors.

The Fair Trade premium Bewley’s pay helps growers make a vital contribution to their communities. While you are enjoying the perfect cup of tea every time with Bewley’s Special Reserve Fairtrade Tea, remember it’s also helping to make a difference. Bewleys Special Reserve is a 100% Fair Trade Tea.

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