Jacksons Green Tea with Lemon: Crisp and Refreshing

For a healthy, great tasting and refreshing green tea, try Jacksons of Piccadilly Green Tea with Lemon.

Grown in the Zhejiang Province on the east coast of China, regarded as the home of high quality green tea, only the bud and top leaves of the tea plant are hand picked in spring and gently steamed. This renowned Sencha process yields a bright ginger-yellow liquor and smoother tasting tea which is subtle, fresh and sweet grassy in character with little bitterness. Famous, Sencha tea is popular with tea drinkers in Japan, widely regarded as connoisseurs of green tea.

Ingredients are Sencha green tea and natural lemon flavoring.



  1. How can I purchase Jacksons of Piccadilly Sencha Green Tea with Lemon. The place I used to get it no longer carries it.

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