Try Dilmah Watte Loose Teas

Dilmah Watte Teas are now available for tea drinkers who want the best at a reasonable price. Dilmah Tea Watte series consist of 4 teas: Ran Watte, Uda Watte, Meda Watte and Yata Watte. Each of the teas, offered as loose tea in 4.4 ounce tin caddies, has its own personality.

Dilmah Yata Watte brews a dark brown. It tastes round, full, almost muscular and juicy, with elements of ever so slightly sweet. The tea is low Grown (up to 1,000 feet above sea level). It is heavy, robust and deep in color.

Dilmah Meda Watte offers an immediate sensation of strong, rich and full bodied flavor, with an extra dimension of complexity and extract leading to a very satisfying mouth feel. It is mid Grown (2,000-3,000 feet above sea level). The tea is strong, rich and full-bodied.

Dilmah Uda Watte is medium brown with tints of orange. An almost savory taste, fruity, exotic perfume with a balance in taste from the ample tannins, strong but not brooding. A tea that is delicate, radiant and elegant. It is high Grown (4,000-5,000 feet above sea level). The tea is full-bodied, rounded and refreshing.

Dilmah Ran Watte brews a golden orange color. Elegant structure, like a fine Champagne. It is smooth, with a pinch of spiciness and a fine aroma with some peach and other citrus fruit. The tea is High grown (6,000 feet above sea level) and has delicate infusion, light and mellow.

Dilmah Watte Teas

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