More Madura Tea Soon

Madura Tea is back in the US. We will soon have more stock of Madura Tea and even adding some new varieties.

The Madura Green Tea with Papaya is particularly good and a favorite around our office.

Many tea drinkers know about English, Irish, or Chinese tea. But, most are unfamiliar with Australian tea. Founded in 1978, Madura is today Australia’s leading specialist tea grower, blender and marketer of fine teas.

Today, Madura produces Australia’s best selling green tea. Madura has a range of Green teas, such Green and Papaya Leaf; Green and Jasmine; Green and Mint; as well as Green and Lemon. Madura’s vision is to foster and protect the natural environment within which its tea is grown.

In Australia, Madura Tea Estates is home to not only an array of rare and endangered native Australian flora, planted out by estate staff, but as a consequence of these endeavors is now home to native Australian perch, bass, platypus, tortoises, water fowl, a vast variety of birds, echidnas, wallabies and koalas.

Additionally, all external packaging from Madura teas contain recycled materials. Founded by Michael Grant-Cook and his wife Norma, Madura grows tea in Australia’s Tweed Valley, in northern New South Wales.


  1. I was recently in Sydney and bought a box of 50 Madura tea bags in a box for 3.75 Australian.
    I realize you must mark it up to make a profit, but I was wondering if you plan to import the above mentioned box.
    I noticed the Madura boxes you offer are 20 tea bags.
    Thank you,
    Barry Tashian
    Nashville, TN

  2. Author

    Barry; Madura only offers some of their tea for sale in the US. If we get any larger size, we will offer it on our site. Thanks.

  3. I would like to order the Madura Green Tea in th USA orwhere can I order it from.

    thank you

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