Do You Know any Teapots Made in the USA?

Do you know of anyone that has teapots made in the USA? We are looking for tea accessories or teapots that are made in the USA. We would like to offer these for sale. Ideally, we would like to deal with a USA manufacturer of teapots and tea accessories.

Currently, we sell Hartstone Pottery teapots, which are 100% Made in the USA. These teapots have been popular partly because of the very high quality and great design.

If you know of any, please leave a comment. We would be very appreciative.


  1. Dear Owner

    Am interested in ordering some Teapots and will like to know which
    types and sizes you do have in stock with some pricing and also include your

    direct website where i can view all those that you do have in stock.Let me
    know if you do take a surcharge when accepting either master cards or visa.


    Mr, Mike Wilson.

  2. Author


    We are trying to find more made in the USA teapots. The ones we had are gone.

  3. I found this site when I googled usa teapots..
    I have a tiny teapot,,one cup..a forest green, with gold baked on…mint condition…I found
    Made in u.s.a. and the number on it is #041,
    beautiful tiny teapot.
    If interested use above email.
    Jude Sherrouse

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