Review of Our Family 2008 Ford Fusion

Nothing tea related today. We want to tell you about our 2008 Ford Fusion (thoughts by Paul Gerst, who works at and has no connection to Ford). Leave a comment if you have questions or thoughts.

In summary, if you are considering buy a Honda or Toyota and don’t first at look at the Fusion, you will be wasting money. Our Fusion has been a great car. It gets excellent gas mileage, is safe, reliable, well-made and comfortable (plus my iPod works directly through the radio). Our 2 year old son Andrew prefers this car to our other since he can see out of the windows better from his car seat.

And the price was very, very reasonable. Actually, the cost of the 2008 Fusion was less than my wife paid in 2000 for her Honda Accord.

In December 2007, we purchased a 2008 Ford Fusion. My wife had a Honda Accord that we wanted to replace. We wanted a good 4-door family car. I wanted to look at American cars, but my wife wanted a Japanese car and was very resistant to an American car.

But listening to the great NPR show Car Talk one Sturday, she heard Tom and Ray read a press release and talk briefly about the quality of Ford cars and how they were just as good as Japanese cars. After that, she agreed to look at American made cars.

We looked at a Dodge, Chevy and Ford. The choice was between the Chevy Malibu and Ford Fusion. The Malibu was excellent as well. But the safety features, comfort and price of the Fusion were the deciding factors for my wife.

Our car is gray but here is sample picture of the Fusion. It was cheap and did not spring for the cool Sync feature, which my wife reminds me of regularly. is a great site for exploring all about the Fusion.

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