Drink Loose Tea? Do You Need a Strainer or Infuser

Both tea strainers and tea infusers are used with loose tea. How you use loose tea determines if a tea strainer or tea infuser is best.

Tea strainers are best when using a teapot. With tea strainers, loose tea is placed directly in the teapot. Then, the tea strainer catches tea leaves before entering your cup. Simply hold the strainer over your cup as you pour. Some strainers can fit directly into a teapot or a cup.

Tea infusers are used directly in a cup or teapot. Just open and fill the tea infusers with tea and placed directly into a teapot or mug.

Some tea strainer and tea infusers come with a bowl to catch dripping tea.


  1. Thank you! I just got my first infuser and was wondering what to do with it haha!

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