White Tea: Dilmah

For tea drinkers new to White Tea, Dimah Tea offers a great introduction. Dilmah White Tea is a rare, sophisticated indulgence.

Silver Tips, commonly known as White Tea, is a very rare Ceylon tea, extremely limited in production – just a few hundred kilos per year. Understandably, it is one of the most expensive teas. Silver Tips is entirely handmade.

At the Kahawatte tea gardens, Dilmah maintain a small team of experienced pickers to handpick just the buds from select bushes of a particular variety. The tiny crop is then placed in raw silk pouches and spread over black flannel surfaced trays for drying. The tea is throughout shielded from direct sunlight. The whole process is managed meticulously, protecting the buds from any damage and over exposure.

Each kilogram of Silver Tips is the equivalent of four kilograms of fresh buds. Silver Tips are velvety to the touch and produces a pale liquor tinged with yellow – very delicate and subtle in flavor.

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