Unique Tea Flavors: Cinnamon Tea

Cinnamon is a great flavor, although most people have not tried it in tea. But Cinnamon Tea is really worth adding to your rotation of teas.

Dilmah Cinnamon Tea is a combination of Ceylon’s finest produce – fine Ceylon Tea, grown at 4,000 feet elevation in the Dimbula Region in the spicy embrace of Ceylon Cinnamon. The dry leaf is shotty in appearance. In the cup, a golden brown infusion, with brightness, medium body and a sweet piquancy.

The slightly woody note of Cinnamon with its pervasive fragrance is enlivening and complements the tea perfectly, adding a touch of sharpness. Tasting notes – Tight granular brown-black with orange flecks in the leaf. Of mahogany color (chestnut with red tones) in the liquor color, this tea smells and tastes of freshly ground cinnamon and hazelnuts.

The sweet cinnamon flavor is strong but soon gives way to black tea flavors with nuances of nutmeg and spice. An enticing and glamorous tea that will enkindle your palate.

Special triangular mesh bag allows large leaf teas to be used and to brew better as there is more space inside the bag. The tea can be seen clearly through the bag, enhancing its appearance.

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