Nambarrie is Northern Ireland’s #1 Tea

Many fans of Irish tea have never tried Nambarrie. If this describes you, then make it a point to Nambarrie. Nambarrie is Northern Ireland’s number 1 tea and one of the most popular teas in Scotland. Began in Belfast in 1860, Nambarrie is Northern Ireland’s oldest tea company and was first known as Pratt & Montgomery.

Nambarrie has several facilities in Northern Ireland and Scotland. Nambarrie manufactures and distributes a range of top quality teas through Northern Ireland and Scotland.

Nambarrie has been a top performing brand from its introduction more than fifty years ago. Since then the quality of the blend has been sacrosanct while all aspects of the marketing of Nambarrie have regularly been updated. The brand has been built and refreshed with packaging updates, extensive advertising and a range of promotional offers. Its distinctive red and yellow color combination has received many updates the most recent being the stylish new flip top box launched earlier this year.

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