PG Tips Ad for Rainforest Alliance

When we making buying decisions, we can all do our part to help the planet. Below is an ad talking about PG Tips deal with the Rainforest Alliance.


PG Tips Tea is trying to help improve conditions of workers in tea growing countries. PG Tips wants to make all tea used are sourced from growers that provide workers and their families with good working conditions and benefits.

In May 2007, PG Tips became the first major tea company to commit to purchasing all teas from sustainable, ethical sources. Working with Rainforest Alliance, PG Tips is applying to audit and certify each and every one of their tea farms to meet comprehensive environmental and social standards. It’s a slow process, but the goal is to have all PG tips tea bags certified by 2010. This is being done because PG Tips believes it’s better for the teas, better for those who produce it, better for the planet and better for you.

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