Unique Flavored Teas: Ice Wine Tea

Even if you have not tried Ice Wine, you should try this tea. (This tea does not contain alcohol). Ice Wine tea is a premium high grown Ceylon tea with Canadian Ice Wine flavor.

To make Ice Wine, Vidal or Riesling grapes are left on the vine until after the first frost hits, usually in late November. The grapes are picked on freezing cold nights when the temperature is less than 17 degree F or -8 degrees C.

At this temperature, the frozen grapes are as hard as marbles and during pressing, water is driven out as shards of ice. This leaves a highly concentrated juice very high in acids, sugars and aromatics, which are the required elements for perfect Ice Wine. Ice Wine Tea is a premium high grown Ceylon tea, infused with natural flavors and Ice Wine.

Ingredients: Tea and natural flavors

Made by Metropolitan Tea

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