Bewleys Finest Regency is now Bewleys Special Reserve Fairtrade Tea

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Bewley’s Tea has redesigned and renamed some of their teas. These new teas are now available in the US. A picture of the old and new box is below.

Bewley’ s Finest Regency is now called Bewley’s Special Reserve Fairtrade Tea. Bewley’s Special Reserve Fairtrade Tea is grown east of the Rift Valley high on the slopes of Mount Kenya. Expertly blended, this richly colored and truly exclusive tea is brimming with distinctive aromas and wonderful flavours. And the Fairtrade premium Bewley’s pay helps growers make a vital contribution to their communities. While you are enjoying the perfect cup of tea every time with Bewley’s Special Reserve Fairtrade Tea, remember it’s also helping to make a difference.





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