Williamson Tea Offers New Teas

Note: Williamson & Magor changed the company name to Williamson Tea. Same company, same great tea but a new name.

Williamson Tea has updated their selection of tea and is offering several new flavors: Chamomile, Forest Berries, Peppermint and White Tea. These new teas come in individually wrapped tea bags for ease of use. At the same time, a few teas have been discontinued.

A superb herbal tea, Williamson Chamomile Tea is light and refreshing. Chamomile aids in rest and relaxation. It is best consumed before going to bed to unwind from the day’s activities. Williamson Chamomile Tea is caffeine-free.

Williamson Forest Berries tea is bursting with fruit flavor. Williamson Forest Berries Tea is caffeine-free and has a rich and balanced taste. Ingredients is the tea are hibiscus, apple, flavoring (Blackberry, Raspberry, Strawberry), elderberries and rosehips.

Williamson Peppermint tea offers a unique and uplifting experience. Peppermint is ideal after a meal and believed to aid digestion. Williamson Peppermint tea is caffeine-free.

White tea is the rarest and most delicate tea. Williamson White Tea is the most sensuous white tea of all. Williamson White Tea is exclusively from the company’s Fair Trade Farms and is of very-high quality.

Williamson Tea has been growing and selling quality tea since 1869 when Captain J H Williamson, who was involved in the management of tea estates in Assam, met R B Magor, an assistant with the Great Eastern Hotel in Calcutta.

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