Teapots Made in the USA Now Available

Made in the USA Teapots are now available. Pictured above is the Prairie Flower Teapot from Hartstone Pottery. Teapots are 48 ounces and hold between 6 and 8 cups of tea. The teapots sell for $49.99.

If you need a teapot or are considering giving one as a gift, you should consider this teapot.

Each teapot is hand-crafted and hand-decorated by Hartstone Pottery in Zanesville, Ohio. Dimensions are 6.25 inches in depth by 7.75 inches in height.

Teapot is fully vitrified stoneware produced from the finest raw materials in North America. The stoneware clay body is fired to 2200° Fahrenheit and is bright ivory in color. All body, glaze, and paint raw materials are lead and cadmium free. Teapots are California Proposition 65 compliant.

Teapot is freezer and dishwasher safe, and may be used in both the microwave and conventional ovens.


  1. Where can I find your products in my area?

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    We only sell on-line. Thanks

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