Green Tea from Sri Lanka

Did you know that green tea grows in Sri Lanka? Although mostly known for black tea, Sri Lanka offers high quality green tea. Dilmah Tea of Sri Lanka offers 4 varieties of green tea.

Dilmah Green tea are available in 20 tea bags per box. All teabags are individually wrapped. Plus, all Dilmah Green tea are available for only $3.99.

For the purist, Dilmah Green Tea is a gentle and mild Ceylon green tea. Dilmah Green Tea with Ginger is pure Ceylon green tea that includes pieces of natural ginger for a sharp and spicy character. An invigorating and distinctive green tea.

Dilmah Green with Lemongrass is a pure Ceylon green tea, finely balanced with the lightly citrus, herbal character of natural lemongrass. A mild and refreshing green tea. Dilmah Green Tea with Moroccan Mint is a sparkling brew of naturally reviving mint leaves and gentle Ceylon green tea.

Dilmah is entirely grown, handpicked and packaged in Ceylon (Sri Lanka), producer of the world’s finest tea. Single origin explains why Dilmah’s fresher, richer and full of flavor. Discerning tea drinkers will recognize the distinct difference in the very first sip.

Ordinary teas have abandoned the centuries old “orthodox” method or manufacturing for the fast track CTC (cut twist curl) method to meet demand for a quicker brew from tea bags. This sacrifices the character and real taste of tea. Dilmah stands firmly by traditional tea making methods, which explains why Dilmah tea tastes different.


  1. I’m glad you are enjoying the Green Tea range from Dilmah and it’s fantastic to know that you appreciate the process of Dilmah’s traditional tea making. Dilmah has very strong ethical business practice with great respect for the people of Sri Lanka and the beauty and benefit of the land. I should tell you that I work for Dilmah in Australia as their PR consultant and Mr Fernando, the founder of the family run business, is also a lovely and kind person which only enhances the Dilmah business as more than just a tea brand. Have a great day.

  2. Hi; Dilmah Teas are not organic. But they are excellent and very high quality teas. They may become one of your favorite teas. Try a box and see if you like it.

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