Maple Tea is a Good, Flavored Tea

Another good and underrated flavored tea is Maple.

Metropolitan Tea Company makes a really good Maple Tea. Because there are not a lot of good Maple Teas, this is the only kind we carry. If you enjoy Maple, you will like this tea.

The discovery of the sweet sap of the maple tree pre-dates the discovery of North America by Europeans. Iroquois legend tells of piercing the bark of a maple tree for the “sweet water” to cook venison. Ojibwa called the “sugaring off” period the “maple moon” or “sugar month.”

This tradition of “sugaring off” became established in communities in the deciduous forests of North America and has survived to the present time. Maple Tea tapped into this North American specialty, taking Premium Quality tea and flavoring it with 100% natural maple flavor to create Maple Tea.

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