Dilmah Green Tea with Lemongrass: Try It

Dilmah Green with Lemongrass

If you are not a fan of green tea, but would like to make one part of your routine, try Dilmah Green Tea with Lemongrass.

Did you know green tea from Sri Lanka is available. Dilmah Green tea is 100% pure Ceylon green tea. Tea with Lemongrass is a unique combination, but it works very well. The tea is finely balanced and has a lightly citrus flavor.

Overall, a mild and refreshing green tea.


  1. Dilmah teas are my favourite! You should also try Maroccan Mint Green Tea. It’s so refreshing… Dilmah truly perfected the art of tea making.

  2. love the green tea with lemon grass but hard to find.where can we order them.

  3. Author


    You can order it from teadog.com. Although we are located in the US, we can ship worldwide. You can see all our Dilmah Teas on this page of our site:

    Dilmah Tea

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