Barry’s Tea: Video Transcript

Here is the transcript for the Barrys video.

This video is one in a series on selecting the best Irish tea for you. Now, we focus on Barry’s Tea.

The Irish know tea. In Ireland, more tea is consumed per capita than any other country. So, if you are looking for a good cup of tea, start with Irish tea.

Tea companies in many different countries make an Irish tea. But if you want an authentic Irish tea, pick a tea produced by a company in Ireland.

Barry’s is one of Ireland’s leading teas. Barry’s is the second most popular tea in Ireland behind market leader Lyons. The company was founded in 1901 by James J. Barry. Since its inception, Barry’s Tea was known for providing high quality tea. In 1934, Barry’s Tea was awarded the Empire Cup for tea blending. Until the 1960’s, Barry’s Tea was sold mainly from a shop on Prince’s Street in Cork, Ireland. Since then, Barry’s Tea has expanded to include 30% of the Irish tea market

As with most Irish teas, Barry’s blends tea from Africa and India. Most of the tea used is from Africa, since it works particularly well with the Irish water. This blend works well for Americas, which is why Irish teas are so popular.

If you are going to purchase Barry’s Tea, first make sure to look for freshness. All Barry’s products have a “Best By” date stamped on the side of the box. Make sure you get a box with the “Best By” date at least a few months in the future. If you are shopping on the Internet, make sure the date is provided for you. Make sure you get authentic Barry’s Tea, which are still blended and produced in Cork, Ireland.

Barry’s Gold is the company’s most popular tea. Barry’s Gold comes in a red box and brews a distinctive amber color with a smooth, clean taste. It is available in tea bags or loose tea.

Barry’s Classic is the company’s premium tea and the its second most popular tea. Barry’s Classic comes in a brown color box and has a full-bodied taste with a stronger flavor than Barry’s Gold. It is available in tea bags or loose tea.

Barry’s Irish Breakfast, formerly called Green Label, is a traditional Irish tea. Barry’s Irish Breakfast comes in a recognizable green box and brews a light amber color. It is a subtle blend with a light flavor. It is available in tea bags or loose tea.

If you prefer caffeine-free, Barry’s has a decaffeinated tea. If you tried other decaf teas, many taste weak. But Barry’s Decaffeinated is rich and full of flavor. The product comes in a blue box and is available in tea bags.

For a change of pace, Barry’s offers a flavored tea. Barry’s Earl Grey is black tea blended with bergamot oil (the flavor in earl grey). Barry’s Earl Grey comes in a light blue box and is available in tea bags.

Barry’s Tea bags are packed full of tea. Each tea bag weighs over 3 grams. Barrys tea bags are traditional English style tea bags and come 2 together and have to be torn apart to be used. Recommended steeping time is 3 to 5 minutes. The tea can be sweetened with milk or honey. As with most herbal teas, it is best consumed without milk.

Try Barry’s Tea. It is an authentic Irish tea. Get more information on all Barrys Teas at

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