Whittard Tea: Brief History

Whittard Tea is one of England’s premier tea companies.

Established in the late 1800s, Whittard of Chelsea tea one of the United Kingdom’s best known tea companies. Walter Henry Whittard established his tea company in 1886 in London.

Whittard started his tea business during, at the time, the busiest year in the history of the tea business in England. At the time, Whittard offered chests of tea to hotels, cafes and consumers. Tea drinkers of the era favored the specially blended Russian Caravan tea.

Whittard offers single estate, large leaf teas. Whittard selects tea leaves at the peak of the season. Whittard offers tea bags and loose teas in a variety of flavors. Whittard has developed strong relationships with family-owned tea farms and estates. The endless quest for the ultimate in quality is the cornerstone of the Whittard approach.

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