Welsh Brew Tea in English and Welsh

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Welsh Brew Tea

Can you read Welsh? Below is the text from a box of Welsh Brew tea in English and Welsh.

You dont have to be Welsh to enjoy a good cup of tea from Wales.

Welsh Brew is the only tea blended and packed for the principality of Wales.

Murroughs Welsh Brew

40 Tea Bags

foil wrapped for freshnes

Welsh Brew is a traditional blend of fine quality African and Indian teas selected for their strength, colour and smoothness of flavor. Welsh Brew Tea can be enjoyed at all times of day.

For best results, place one bag per person into a warmed teapot. Pour in freshly boiled water and leave to brew for 3-4 minutes. Stir before pouring. Store in a cool dry place.

so nice to come home to!

Murroughs Paned Gymreig

40 Cwdyn Te o Ansawdd Gwych

Wedi’i lapio mewn ffoil i’w gadw’n ffres

Mae Paned Gymreig yn flend traddodiadol o de arbennig o Africa ae India. Cawsant eu dewis oherwydd eu cryfder, eu lliw, a blas heb ei ail. Gallwch fwynhau Paned Gymreig unrhyw adeg o’r dydd.

Gwneud Te: Rhowch un cedyn yr un mewn tebot cynnes. Rhowch ddwr berwedig ar ei ben a’i adael am 3-4 munud. Trowch y te cyn tywalt. Cadwch mewn lle sych ae oer.

te i’ch croesawn i’r ty!


  1. Can you tell me where in the States I can purchase Murroughs Welsh Brew Tea?

  2. Author

    Len; You can purchase authentic Welsh Brew tea from teadog.com. You can find Welsh Brew here on our web site:

    Welsh Brew Tea


  3. Can you tell me who stocks welsh brew tea in my area ws71jz. I did have some from Morrisons but they are not suppling anymore. I live in the Cannock area, Staffs. Thank you.

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