Dilmah Tea: A Brief History

Unlike mass-market brands that can be a mixture of tea from up to 30 different countries, Dilmah is what connoisseurs call a Single Origin tea. Dilmah Tea comes from a single source, the fabled tea gardens of Ceylon (Sri Lanka), home of the world’s finest teas.

In an era of heavily promoted megabrands, bankrolled by giant corporations with huge advertising budgets, quality suffered as blended teas became the only tea consumers could buy. (The word blended sounds deceptively innocent; when you buy a blended tea, you’re getting a mixture of teas from multiple sources to reduce cost.)

It was time for the return of real tea. In 1988, Merrill J Fernando launched Dilmah, Single Origin 100% Pure Ceylon Tea. The brand was named after Merrill’s 2 sons: Dilhan and Malik, who were toddlers when the brand was launched. Today, they run the business along with Merrill.

Dilmah superior artisanal tea is still made the old-fashioned way. Dilmah still hand-pick the two tender leaves enclosing a bud, because that’s where the full, palate-pleasing flavor of tea is concentrated. And Dilmah tea is packed at the source in Sri Lanka, within days of harvesting, for maximum freshness. Dilmah’s unconditional guarantee of freshness means you’ll get more of the antioxidants in tea.

Dilmah is the world’ first fully-integrated family tea company. Dilmah grows tea on the verdant slopes of Sri Lanka’s mist-shrouded hill country, package it in-house and market it under their brand, dispensing with middlemen.

Not only is Dilmah the finest tea on earth, it is also the world’s first Ethical Tea. Earnings from Dilmah remain in Sri Lanka, are shared with workers and the community and reinvested to help make tea a sustainable crop.

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